Zovirax: The Most Powerful Antiviral Drug For Herpes Viruses

Zovirax comes in three forms: tablets, capsules, and suspension. Zovirax (tablets) contains 400-mg and 800-mg, with no microcrystalline cellulose, FD&C Blue No. 2, Sodium starch glycolate, or Povidone. Zovirax (capsules) contains 200-mg. with titanium dioxide, FD&C Blue No. 2, and gelatin. Zovirax (suspension) contains 200-mg per teaspoonful (5m.l.). It is mainly formulated for oral treatment.

Virus Infections In The Human Body: Viruses infect cells in the human body. A virus can`t reproduce on its own, so the virus causes the cell to create extended chains of dsRNA, which doesn`t exist naturally in a human cell. When the cell is attacked by a virus, the immune system naturally targets those chains of dsRNA in an effort to stop reproduction.

How Does Zovirax Works? Zovirax is mainly used for the herpes simplex virus infections. It can also be used for treatment or cold sores, genital herpes, shingles, chickenpox, and mononucleosis. It targets the infected cells that have been attacked by the herpes simplex virus. Zovirax stops the virus from reproducing.

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Doses And Administration Of Zovirax: Before taking Zovirax, talk to your pharmacist or physician if you have any allergies, kidney problems, conditions related to a weakened immune system, kidney transplant, pr bone marrow transplant. It may contain inactive elements which can cause allergic reactions or other problems. For this reason, you must talk to your doctor for more information. Zovirax can be administered with or without food. You must take Zovirax for the full length of time prescribed by your doctor. Your conditions may get better before the infection is fully treated. Zovirax causes a clear improvement in such symptoms as burning, tingling and blisters. The Herpes virus is contagious, and you can infect further people. Therefore, you must avoid touching your eyes, touching an infected area, or letting infected areas come into contact with other people. You should also wash your hands regularly to prevent infectinganother person. You should not start other medicationss without consulting with your physician.

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Warnings For Zovirax: When you are using Zovirax, do not use any other products (vitamins or minerals, herbal products), and avoid irritation of the infected area. Store it at temperatures between 15 C and 25 C, and avoid exposure to moisture.

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Zovirax Side Effects: Every medicine has side effects. As with any medicine, Zovirax has some side effects. In fact, most people suffer no ill effects. If the side effects of Zovirax occur in your body, they will be slight and require no treatment. Your body can deal with the side effects of Zovirax on its own. The most familiar side effects of Zovirax are nausea or vomiting, signs of an allergic reaction, headaches, general ill feeling, diarrhea, weakness, unexplained rash, upset stomach, and itchiness.
However, Zovirax is not a treatment for viral infections. The viruses continue to infect your body. Zovirax decreases the pain, severity and length ofoutbreaks that are only the symptoms of these infections.

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